Sunday, October 16, 2011

A super busy weekend

It's Sunday night and I feel like nothing has gotten done with weekend. I took the kids to the local PBS station yesterday and had a pretty good time. Then my bad day started....We went to pick up Eli and I should have known. While  loved the salesman I worked with the day before I did not care one bit for the finance manager. We'll start with the fact that somehow the price of the car changed $3000 overnight. Then neither myself or my husband liked the way this man talked to my MIL or my FIL. Then he took it upon himself to ask my FIL to cosign the car for us....REALLY?? What right did this man have putting all of us on the spot like that? He was rude and wouldn't listen to a thing ANYONE told him. He was able to get the deal done for us at which point we said thanks but no thanks. After you treat not only myself and my husband poorly but my in laws too I do believe you can take your car and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. As much as we wanted that car we more wanted a dealership to treat us the way we deserve. So no Eli but that's ok we will keep looking and find something even better. In fact I think we are going to look at the Dodge Chargers!

I spent most of my Sunday cleaning my 16 year olds room since she's not sure what clean means and getting ready for my family tomorrow.

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