Sunday, October 16, 2011

A super busy weekend

It's Sunday night and I feel like nothing has gotten done with weekend. I took the kids to the local PBS station yesterday and had a pretty good time. Then my bad day started....We went to pick up Eli and I should have known. While  loved the salesman I worked with the day before I did not care one bit for the finance manager. We'll start with the fact that somehow the price of the car changed $3000 overnight. Then neither myself or my husband liked the way this man talked to my MIL or my FIL. Then he took it upon himself to ask my FIL to cosign the car for us....REALLY?? What right did this man have putting all of us on the spot like that? He was rude and wouldn't listen to a thing ANYONE told him. He was able to get the deal done for us at which point we said thanks but no thanks. After you treat not only myself and my husband poorly but my in laws too I do believe you can take your car and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. As much as we wanted that car we more wanted a dealership to treat us the way we deserve. So no Eli but that's ok we will keep looking and find something even better. In fact I think we are going to look at the Dodge Chargers!

I spent most of my Sunday cleaning my 16 year olds room since she's not sure what clean means and getting ready for my family tomorrow.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Car shopping with a baby and a teenager!

One thing that should never ever be done is car shopping with a baby and a 16 year old! That is how I spent my friday. I already was not in a good mood since my husband got stuck at work and couldn't join me. So today I went to George Moore Chevorlet on Atlantic Blvd already knowing which car I had my heart set on but couldn't really afford. I was greeted my Justin Moore who helped me take the car seat out of the car since I called ahead and told them my new car had to fit the car seat nicely. They had the car I wanted parked inside in the AC and I was able to try it out car seat and all. I was even more sold on the Camaro. We looked at a few more but I think we both knew which car I wanted! Buying a car in never fun or stress free, but this time wasn't too bad. A few ours later and it was time, time to find out if I would be taking this car home or leaving it all lonely in the showroom. My 16 year old was almost in tears wanting this car so bad. There was one problem though our trade in. We still owed ALOT more than it was worth and we knew that. When Allen came back the news wasn't good. $100 more than I could afford. So here we went I really hate this part of buying a car. He came back again and it was still too high. Just when we were about to leave he comes back and I think ok he got it close to what we wanted to pay. NO he got it $100 cheaper than a few minutes before!!! These people ROCK! We now will have a Brand new only 87 miles on it Camaro tomorrow morning and be paying less than we are paying now!! While I was not having a good day I couldn't be happier with George Moore Chevorlet!

Meet Eli...The newest member of our family! He's still needing his stripes but he's he a cutie? He drives great, good on gas, and fits the baby!

Thank You George Moore for making this a pretty painless day!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Veterans Day Freebies

Bed and breakfasts - BNB for Vets
B&Bs and Inns are providing free rooms on Wednesday, November 10, in observance of Veterans Day, November 11, to honor servicemen and women currently serving or who have previously served their country. The program was started in 2009 by the West Virginia B&B Association (formerly called MABB) and this year has expanded to include over 40 states and provinces and more than 300 Inns.


Computers - DELL
DELL is giving away 250 PCs to military men and women until Veterans Day. Nominate a service member, or if you are a service member, you can nominate yourself.
Documentary project - A Day in the Life of America's Veterans 11.11.11
The goal is to produce a "day in the life" exploration of Veterans Day 2011, finding and incorporating the most compelling stories about veterans into a unique presentation about the experience of men and women who have devoted a portion of their lives to serve their country in times of both war and peace.

Still and video photojournalists are being asked to contribute story ideas for consideration…parades, funerals, trips to VA hospitals, veterans who served together meeting for the first time in decades…the possibilities range from daily coverage to feature stories, as long as the stories occur on 11.11.11. This not-for-profit documentary has been partially funded by the Tawani Foundation. We are exploring additional avenues for funding and in-kind services as well as opportunities for broadcast and distribution.
Grace for Vets - Free car wash
Grace For Vets is a united front of car wash operators that provide a FREE CAR WASH to veterans & service personnel each year on November 11 to honor their past and present service to their country.
Home work projects - Home Depot and The Mission Continues
The Home Depot Foundation is working with The Mission Continues from now until Veterans Day. They will be conducting work projects on military members' personal homes. This includes wounded warriors returning from combat, disabled veterans, members or member families with special needs, and other military families.

Home Depot will provide the materials, labor and contractors. Projects will
include repairs and installations.

Hugo Canes - Sam's Club
In honor of Veterans Day, Sam’s Club® locations nationwide will distribute 36,000 Hugo® canes free of charge on November 9th, 10th and 11th, 2011 to U.S. military veterans in need of mobility assistance. Limited quantities available only while supplies last.
Knott's Berry Farm - Free admission
Free admission for veterans and military personnel from November 1 until Thanksgiving Day. Purchase up to six additional tickets for just $17 each!
Letters of Gratitude - EWomen Network Foundation
Would you please visit our website and pledge that you will write a letter of gratitude to our vets on 11-11-11? Our goal? 1 million people to show these women and men that we appreciate them! Please pledge your commitment now and, if you will, help spread the word!
Golden Corral
Free meal for veterans and military personnel on November 14, 2011.

National Parks - Fee-free entrance day
The national parks have a number of fee-free days in 2011 and Veterans Day weekend is one of them.

Free or cheap things to do in Jacksonville

October 13-23 is the Callahan fair. It's much cheaper than the Jacksonville fair and all of the fun!

WJCT is having an open house, where you can:
  • Meet PBS Kids characters
  • See Sid the Science Kid on stage
  • Meet public radio personality Bob Edwards
  • Meet local radio hosts
  • Tour the WJCT Studios
  • Play games
  • And much more!
  • October 15, 10am-2pm
You must be able to get on NAS Jax for the following free movie!

Friday, Oct 28 - Movie Under the Stars featuring Cars 2, 8 p.m. at Patriot's Grove. Free popcorn and $.50 drinks! For more info. call (904) 542-1335

Conner's A-Maize-Ing Acres Cornfield Maze & Agri-Tainment Park Hillard Florida

I believe it's $13 for a whole day of fun! Corn maze, pumpkin patch, and more!

Blockbuster Express codes

*Exp. 10/13: 65DWTM7 - 24NCCC7 - 49WHZS3 - 7650BW8 - 74ABDP3 - 63SLRH5 - 97KRFT5 - 73MAYB6
*Exp. 10/17: 37WHZS4 - 37ABDP5 - 75DWTM8 - 26SLRH6 - 37KRFT6 - 36MAYB5 - 8650BW9 - 73NCCC5


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