Friday, October 14, 2011

Car shopping with a baby and a teenager!

One thing that should never ever be done is car shopping with a baby and a 16 year old! That is how I spent my friday. I already was not in a good mood since my husband got stuck at work and couldn't join me. So today I went to George Moore Chevorlet on Atlantic Blvd already knowing which car I had my heart set on but couldn't really afford. I was greeted my Justin Moore who helped me take the car seat out of the car since I called ahead and told them my new car had to fit the car seat nicely. They had the car I wanted parked inside in the AC and I was able to try it out car seat and all. I was even more sold on the Camaro. We looked at a few more but I think we both knew which car I wanted! Buying a car in never fun or stress free, but this time wasn't too bad. A few ours later and it was time, time to find out if I would be taking this car home or leaving it all lonely in the showroom. My 16 year old was almost in tears wanting this car so bad. There was one problem though our trade in. We still owed ALOT more than it was worth and we knew that. When Allen came back the news wasn't good. $100 more than I could afford. So here we went I really hate this part of buying a car. He came back again and it was still too high. Just when we were about to leave he comes back and I think ok he got it close to what we wanted to pay. NO he got it $100 cheaper than a few minutes before!!! These people ROCK! We now will have a Brand new only 87 miles on it Camaro tomorrow morning and be paying less than we are paying now!! While I was not having a good day I couldn't be happier with George Moore Chevorlet!

Meet Eli...The newest member of our family! He's still needing his stripes but he's he a cutie? He drives great, good on gas, and fits the baby!

Thank You George Moore for making this a pretty painless day!

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